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A relationship built on encouragement, trust and endless support

FlexifyMe is a chronic pain management platform that focuses on helping people get freedom from pain and move freely without any problem. FlexifyMe, an AI-based system, assesses and tracks 20+ joint movements to find the root cause of any chronic pain. After the analysis, a detailed report is created & clients get access to daily AI-enabled physical activities (Exercise & Yoga), short theory sessions, meditations & Ayurveda plans are created. Clients also get access to certified physiotherapists and coaches whose only focus is to help people recover in a natural way and keep them informed and motivated. The entire improvements of joints/muscle mobility are tracked with live pictures & AI in real time. It is a complete freedom from pain platform

A relationship built on encouragement, trust and endless support
“The IvyCap team has been very helpful in our journey of FlexifyMe. We get constant feedback and input from Aashish and his team on scaling up and strategic expansion. After the IvyCap investment we have already grown by almost 80% in less than 6 months & on our journey to become the world's largest chronic pain management platform.”
- Manjeet Singh,
Co-Founder, FlexifyMe
“We are getting constant support from IvyCap in terms of technology and operational excellence as well. Its good to have a partner that brings new angle and help us on the journey to make FlexifyMe one of the most trusted & loved brand in chronic pain management.”
- Amit Bhayani,
Co-Founder, FlexifyMe
Manjeet Singh
Manjeet is a serial entrepreneur. Before FlexifyMe, Manjeet was co-founder and CEO of Buddy4Study, India's largest scholarship platform with over 6M registered students & manages over INR 100Cr every year.
Amit Bhayani
Amit is a serial entrepreneur and a technology wizard and he has over 4 patents in his name. He was co-founder and technology head of Telestax Inc, a company that was registered in US and got acquired in 2021.



Client-Centric Health Focus
FlexifyMe distinguishes itself by placing a sharp focus on clients' health, prioritizing their well-being throughout their journey towards pain management.


Outcome-Oriented AI System
FlexifyMe's utilization of an AI system sets it apart by making the entire pain management journey highly outcome-oriented.


Permanent Pain Relief Solutions
FlexifyMe stands out for its commitment to addressing the root causes of pain, thereby offering permanent relief rather than temporary alleviation.

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FlexifyMe: From Shark Tank Pitch to Wellness Revolution - Natural Pain Management Startup Secures Funding

FlexifyMe, a health and wellness innovator, is making waves after a successful appearance on Shark Tank Season 3. The company captivated the esteemed panel of Sharks with its vision, securing a substantial investment of Rs1 crore from powerhouse investors Namita Thapar and Amit Jain (Founder, Car Dekho). This impressive feat has propelled FlexifyMe's valuation to a staggering Rs40 crore, a remarkable 40% increase, marking a major milestone in their growth journey.

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Chronic pain management FlexifyMe raises ₹10 cr from IvyCap and Flipkart Ventures

Chronic pain management platform FlexifyMe has raised Rs 10 crore in its seed funding round co-led by IvyCap Ventures and Flipkart Ventures. The round also saw the participation of GSF, Chandigarh Angels, Venture Catalyst and Ah! Ventures.

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