SaaS / Enterprise Solution

YelloSKYE gives you a bird’s eye view to drive your business decisions.

YelloSKYE creates value & enables business decisions by delivering advanced aerial intelligence. They leverage advanced technology with the ability to extract data to measure, count, read & locate thereby enabling curated intelligence solutions.

With reliability & quality at its core, ownership of its processes end-to-end, and its laser focus on the client experience, YelloSKYE has built trust and relationships to become the Drone Partner of Choice with leaders in multiple Industries. They’re already working with known brand names across diverse sectors, i.e. Construction & Real Estate, Auto Manufacturing, Asset Management, and Security & Surveillance.

With their cutting-edge technology available across geographies and devices 24/7, YelloSKYE is disrupting the current processes of risk managing high-value infrastructure assets & outdoor inventory

A relationship built on encouragement, trust and endless support
We are very excited to have IvyCap Ventures join us in our journey. They believed in and shared our vision of becoming the premier aerial intelligence service. The trust, faith, and advice from the team have been invaluable. The funding has positioned YelloSKYE to grow our team, and dominate the delivery of aerial intelligence.”
- Kiran Shah,
Chairman & MD
The partnership with IvyCap Ventures will enable YelloSKYE to further invest in our tech platform, expand the business to new geographies and widen our aerial intelligence offering. With the adoption of drones at a nascent level, YelloSKYE is just getting started and the sky is the limit.”
- Kush Agarwal,
Co-Founder & CEO
Kiran Shah
Chairman & MD
Kiran is a veteran of the international financial industry and a new aviation enthusiast. Having led large & diverse global teams, he has unparalleled leadership experience across sectors and geographies. His career in Capital Markets saw him in senior leadership roles with Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Bank of America. He has built up a reputation as an exceptional leader with a personal hands-on approach and a relentless passion for client experience. Prior to starting up YelloSKYE, Kiran was the Managing Director & Co-Head of Goldman Sachs Services, India. His passion to grow the business along with his leadership & expertise is woven into the culture & fabric of YelloSKYE.
Kush Agarwal
Co-Founder & CEO
Kush is an avid aviation enthusiast with over a decade of professional expertise. Since getting his pilot license at 18, he built over 4,000 flying hours of experience and crowned his career with Jet Airways to become the youngest Deputy Chief Pilot in the Industry. He was responsible for over 1500 pilots and the Boeing fleet at Jet Airways. Kush has decades of experience delivering end-to-end operations with a focus on Industry leading client service. This is being replicated for YelloSKYE operations & clients. He has also built deep expertise in the Industries of YelloSKYE’s clients ensuring YelloSKYE’s premium positioning in this emerging and expanding drone ecosystem. Kush is also the Chapter Chair for the Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) Youth Chapter for Pune City. Today, by channelling his passion for flying into YelloSKYE, he is driving end-to-end curated aerial intelligence solutions.


Bespoke aerial visual intelligence
YelloSKYE is a pioneer of cutting-edge, scalable aerial image technology in India. They are an end-to-end, customized aerial intelligence service provider that guides enterprises to make data-driven business decisions.


Committed to being customer-first
YelloSKYE is a laser-sharp focus on quality, reliability & the client experience. With a client-centric consultative approach, YelloSKYE has a passion to deliver tech forward-curated intelligence and support to clients.


An infinitely scalable digital asset management platform
YelloSKYE's platforms are easily accessible 24/7, intuitive to use & secure. With enterprise-level access control & ability to manage the use of the data in secure cloud servers, YelloSKYE is providing disruptive levels of transparency to its clients.


Deep Domain Expertise
With a thorough understanding of the Industry, YelloSKYE provides aerial intelligence solutions for critical business decisions. YelloSKYE experts and a culture of teamwork, collaboration & client focus enable actionable insights to manage risks of infrastructure & outdoor inventory.