Wagr is India's super store for super pets!

Over 30 million pets in India are taken care of by pet owners who are increasingly seeing their pets as children or family members. Across pet products, veterinary care, services and miscellaneous categories, the Indian pet care industry is set to cross $5bn in the coming years. Wagr is a single platform to take care of everything a pet parent needs. The platform includes Wagr Shop where pet parents can order pet food, treats, chews, toys, grooming and other pet products from various pet care brands. Pet parents can use Wagr Consults to video-consult a veterinary doctor and manage their pet's digital health records. Wagr Tracker is India's first location and fitness tracker for dogs for which they were among winners of the Qualcomm Design in India program as well. Wagr aims to add products and services to fulfil every need of Indian pet parents in an intimate, personalized, hassle-free manner.

A relationship built on encouragement, trust and endless support
IvyCap Ventures has recognized the potential of the Indian pet care market early on and supported our vision of building a super-app platform for the pet parents around India."
- Siddharth Darbha,
Cofounder & CEO
Siddharth Darbha
Co-Founder & CEO
A Vice President at Becoming I Foundation, an award-winning non-profit in the education sector and a business intelligence consultant at Thorogood, Siddharth has previously had two very early stage start-ups in the food delivery and education industries. He also writes and was a musician.
Advaith Mohan
Advaith - Co-managed performance marketing at Flipkart and co-founder of the blockchain community Blockchained India, Advaith had previously graduated from IIT Madras. He is also a guitarist for the award-winning band The Down Troddence and a writer.


Pet parents manage a wide range of their pet's needs and Wagr is providing their products and health needs along with content and access to the community all under one roof.


Building the platform from the ground-up for mobile has proved crucial as almost all pet parents aim to resolve their pet parent needs through their mobile phone.


By using the pet's data, Wagr is aiming to personalize all products, healthcare, content and community posts to make it easier and more relevant for pet parents."
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