Unique GTM for reaching the sizeable unaware market through integrating mental health into mainstream healthcare

When Krishna & Tarun had a fresh look at the Mental Health field, they defined the value chain for the same in the following 6As: Awareness, Acceptance, Anonymity, Access, Affordability, and Assurance. When they analyzed the field through these 6As, a couple of things starkly stood out for them. There is a piecemeal approach to solving mental health, and the way current solutions are reaching out to customers is limited.

Hence Lissun distinctly stands for two things: Full-stack solution for mental health and integrating mental health into mainstream healthcare.

When most of the existing solutions focus on solving for aware 20%, we are reimagining to reach the other 80%. Therefore, Lissun’s focus is a B2H2C approach to customer acquisition by partnering with medical establishments for high-stress use cases such as infertility, oncology, nephrology, etc. In summary, we see Lissun as a massive opportunity to integrate Mental Health into mainstream Healthcare and redefine the way mental health is solved in India and beyond

A relationship built on encouragement, trust and endless support
“IvyCap is a great partner for Lissun. Investing in a health tech business focused on mental health clearly demonstrates that the IvyCap venture is a visionary fund driven by impact. We have also received a lot of assistance from Vikram, Tej & the IvyCap team in our business. We look forward to this continued partnership so we can solve mental at scale in India and beyond."
- Dr. Krishna Veer Singh,
Dr. Krishna Veer Singh,
Co-Founder, Lissun
Krishna has a profound career experience of ~18 years. After graduating from IIT Delhi, he pursued a Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside, USA, and later followed it with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He has worked across multiple countries in large technology companies like Intel, IBM, and Ericsson before starting his journey with the Indian Internet sector in 2015. Before co-founding Lissun in 2021, Krishna has essayed critical leadership roles in marquee internet companies like Flipkart & Uber and not only participated in this growth wave but created a lasting impact on the internet industry through these organizations.
Mr. Tarun Gupta
Co-Founder, Lissun
Tarun has a global experience of ~16 years. Post graduation, his journey started in the USA with Publicis Sapient, but his vision to create an impact in India brought him back to India. He is an alumnus of the prestigious management institute Indian School of Business (ISB). Post-MBA, he started his career as a consultant with ZS associates, but when opportunities to create impact with growth were reckoned, he moved to the internet sector in 2014. Before co-founding Lissun in 2021, Tarun played a significant role in creating impact at scale with companies like Snapdeal, OYO, and Uber.


Full stack solution for mental health


Mental health into mainstream healthcare


A seasoned and experienced founding team which have solved complex problems at scale with some marquee internet companies
Lissun Raises $1 Million in Pre-Seed Round Led By IvyCap Ventures

Funds will be utilized to strengthen the product's technology backbone and develop it further to provide a seamless experience

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Lissun has updated the content of the resources and launched LGBTQ+ as an additional content category to promote gender inclusivity

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