B.G. Krishnan makes customized clothing possible for women!

The fashion industry has entered an era of mass customization. While every customer wants to own clothing unique to their personal style, women have always had fewer customization options. eShakti is a made-to-measure online fashion brand that gives women the freedom to create a design personalized just for them. Customers can now take their preferred design and adjust it according to their height, fit and style, through one seamless website.

Today, eShakti has become a leading brand, thanks to its customer-led design approach and its ability to deliver high-quality, sustainable and affordable options to a customer’s doorstep.

B G Krishnan
BSc (Physics), MBA (Bajaj). Over 30 years of experience of which over 20 years as an entrepreneur excited about building eShakti into a global consumer brand out of India in a position of market leadership. Divide time between Chennai and New York. Family consists of wife, Uma and children Shreya and Siddharth. Interests: Reading about ways to be more productive


Custom clothing for women
We offer customization in our mainstream American fashion clothing for women. Given the diversity in sizes, shapes, heights and style preferences that standard size charts don't meet, custom-clothing are needed and wanted. To make customers feel happy and confident with clothing tailor-made to their height, style and size


State-of-the-art technology for designing and production
However it is hard to do unit production in a way that is easy, fast and affordable. eShakti has cracked that code. That is what gives it the edge, apart from the scalability.
Fashion e-tailer eShakti rides U.S. custom market

In 1996, when brand marketing specialist B.G. Krishnan was reading Bill Gates book on ‘The Road Ahead’, on how it would enable anyone to build an international brand, he thought of deploying his long experience in TI Cycles.

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Women's apparel brand eShakti gets funding from IvyCap, IDG Ventures

Online women's apparel brand has received funding from venture capital firm IvyCap Ventures, as it prepares to scale up operations in the US.

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How eShakti makes possible made in India custom-made clothes for women in US

EShakti is a fashion clothing e-commerce company that offers women the option of customisable sizes, as also standard sizes.

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