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Tamanna, Tarun and Kartik help community creators generate sustainable income!

Online communities are valuable. The creators of a community do a great job at bringing people who share the same values, hobbies or interests, together. Convosight is a first-of-its-kind global community management platform that helps these creators monetize their content, build valuable relationships with their members and increase their online presence by collaborating with global brands.

Convosight uses AI to help creators gain more members, engagements and payouts, and allows brands to engage in a meaningful narrative with their customers. The brand started with Facebook groups and now enjoys the trust of over 45,000 creators across 75 countries to help them achieve their dreams.

A relationship built on encouragement, trust and endless support
IvyCap team has been instrumental across 3 areas for us, Mentorship on Business Strategy, Sales and Hiring Connects, Fundraising. Vikram is an exceptional listener and provides very actionable and strategic guidance and advise. Ashish has enabled numerous business connections and is able to identify good networking opportunities. Anshuman is truly a person you can go to for help on anything business need. He is always available and eager to help find a solution. Overall it has been great partnering with IvyCap."
Partnering with IvyCap has been exceptional for Convosight, Vikram has provided continuous guidance and advise to the team since the get-go. Ashish has mentored us in building the right network, and Anshuman is the go-to person, who constantly extends his effort making him feel like he is a part of our team. IvyCap builds a solid foundation of trust and emphasizes putting the founders first. You can trust that they will always go above and beyond to get your team going in the right direction."
IvyCap is not just an investor; they mentor and advise you on various aspects including strategy, processes, derisking, and scaling. They take a keen interest in our progress and help us around with our challenges."
Tarun Dhamija
Founder & COO
Tarun Dhamija is a Co-Founder & COO of Convosight & Baby Destination. At Convosight he leads several key initiatives across Insights & Analytics, Product Development, and Business Strategy and reporting. He is super passionate about creating a new category of Brand Marketing via Online Communities which uses Conversational Analytics to help Brands purposefully engage with their consumers to address their top-of-mind concerns and questions. Convosight's mission is to unlock a powerful channel for Brands while building a sustainable marketing ecosystem where Consumers, Community Creators & Brands flourish together. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Tarun had about 15 yrs of professional experience across domains of Portfolio Investments, Trading, and Database Marketing. He holds a Master's from Columbia University in Statistics and an undergraduate from Binghamton University in Mathematics.
Tamanna Dhamija
Founder & CEO
Tamanna is the Co-Founder and CEO of Convosight, the world's first community marketing platform. It uses the power of machine learning, to help brands tap into closed communities, for insights and marketing. It enables community creators to become community entrepreneurs, by helping them earn a sustainable income through brand partnerships. Over 50,000 communities with close to 400 million members use Convosight. Since Mar 2020, Convosight has paid out $1 million to community creators. Since its launch, it has raised $13.5 million, from investors including Sequoia, Qualgro, Unilever Ventures, and IvyCap Ventures to scale the value they are creating for communities and brands. Prior to Convosight, Tamanna built Baby Destination the largest organic community for moms in India with 2 million members.


Organic Acquisition
Over 80% of the group and member acquisitions are driven organically through our community success team and our community of admins, keeping an exceptionally low cost of acquisition.


Cutting Edge Tech & Analytics
Our Tech and ML capabilities which help us mine hundreds of millions of conversation to generate meaningful insights across numerous consumer categories for Brands.


Mission-driven Company
We are the first to build a monetization platform for Community Creators and the first to enable Brands to leverage marketing into close communities, having the privilege to be the first mover in both keeps us continuously innovating how we build for this ecosystem at a fast pace.
Convosight raises $9 million in Series A funding

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