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Sneh, Prashant and Chintan use artificial emotional intelligence to foster learning and growth in children!

With the advent of modern-micro families, parents have struggled to spend quality time with their children. This has created a communication gap that negatively impacts a child’s learning potential. Miko addresses this gap by using proprietary artificial intelligence, robotics and IoT to understand the emotional state of a child and help them learn.

The Miko series of robots are driven and developed by experts in engineering, mathematics, design and education, from across the globe. Owing to their success, the company now aspires to cater their latest platform solutions to 20M homes, including verticals such as childcare, daycare, elderly care, etc., by 2023.

A relationship built on encouragement, trust and endless support
IvyCap Ventures investment in Miko was a historic one. Their highly scalable and innovative business models with the potential of becoming leaders and disrupters in various sectors is truly noteworthy, and exactly aligns with our vision for Miko.
IvyCap’s investment in Miko was a very welcome intervention to us. Their special focus on DeepTech, ConsumerTech, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, SaaS, AgriTech is a perfect fit for our robotics space.
At Miko, we feel proud to be associated with IvyCap's unique way of leveraging global alumni ecosystems to build technology-driven innovative companies and young start-ups like Miko.
Sneh Vaswani
Co-Founder and CEO
As Miko's CEO, Sneh steers Miko’s vision for transforming the technology and learning landscapes. In addition to leading a global team of engineers, psychologists, designers and mathematicians from the U.S and India, he oversees a thriving global business of creating a product, Miko, which is a robot that offers emotionally intelligent solutions to young kids by, Sneh had also lead multidisciplinary teams to victory at robotics competitions around the globe. A B.Tech and M.Tech graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay draws this passion from robotics.
Prashant Iyengar
Co-Founder and CTO
As Chief Technology Officer at Miko, Mr. Prashant Iyengar, oversees the future of AI and Deep Learning, spearheads the core technology, and Research & Development, and responsible for Miko’s all futuristic diversification into new product developments. An M-Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, he also worked earlier on implementation of machine learning based cascade object detection framework as also on development of robotic navigation and acoustic localization techniques, and while at college won many accolades at international events in Robotics etc.
Chintan Raikar
Co-Founder and COO
At Miko, Chintan helped in building a global team comprising of leading mathematicians, designers, engineers and neuropsychologists that helped in producing what is a robot that leverages proprietary and state of the art artificial intelligence, robotics and IoT. His prime role in Miko is overseeing the Hardware horizon and is also responsible for the entire Supply Chain and Operations in its global reach to several countries, and while in college, his efforts were recognised in achieving tight co-ordination between 3 autonomous robots, and was awarded the second position for Best autonomous Robot and most innovative design.
Here's how Miko brought about a change in the traditional learning process.


Cutting-edge technology
MIKO was born out of the sheer passion of three aspiring Robotic Engineers, all graduates of IIT, Mumbai. it is an emotionally intelligent machine that leverages proprietary and state of the art artificial intelligence, robotics and IoT. Its specially designed by some of the world’s best AI engineers, mathematicians, teachers and psychologists.


Progressive culture
The culture at company promotes leadership and innovation throughout the complete hierarchy of organisation. Developing hardware product is tough, the company has been very nimble, agile and has developed and launched state of art IP owned consumer electronics products globally.
Miko raises Rs50 crore from IvyCap Ventures and others

Robotics startup Miko on Wednesday said that it has raised ₹50 crore as a part of its latest fundraise led by IvyCap Ventures.

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Miko robotics gets Rs 50 crore funding from IvyCap Ventures, others

The robotics startup will use the funding from investors IvyCap Ventures, Chiratae Ventures and YourNest Capital for product development and strengthening global alliances.

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[Funding alert] Robotics firm Miko raises Rs 50 Cr from IvyCap, others

Miko said the funding raised will be used for product development and to strengthen global alliances as the company builds a strong global brand.

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