About Us

IvyCap is guided by an entrepreneur-centric investment approach with a focus on high-quality professional entrepreneurs from premier education institutions of the country. We believe that the success of any company is determined primarily by the quality of its promoters, and that professional entrepreneurs from premier institutes of the country are likely to create superior value, based on historical evidence and as suggested by various research studies, including ours.

IvyCap's investment philosophy is to invest in Early to Growth Stage companies, with highly scalable and innovative business models and demonstrated sales. Although structured as a sector agnostic fund, key focus sectors include Healthcare, Education, Food based businesses, Technology, e/m-Commerce and other innovation oriented businesses.

IvyCap believes that, in the case of early/growth stage companies, a strong collaborative approach is critical for success. Our Board of Mentors bring the requisite skills, industry experience and passion to support creation of distinct value in our portfolio companies.

In addition, IvyCap is also working towards building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem across educational institutions of the country. Towards this goal, IvyCap has created a unique "Give Back" program to share part of its own profits with the educational system of the country, primarily to encourage further entrepreneurship. Under this program, 5% of the Fund's total profit will be contributed from the share of IvyCap's profits to the respective Alma Maters (or institution of the choice) of the investors in proportion to their contribution to the fund, for promoting further entrepreneurship.

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