Beyond Silicon Valley - How one online course helped support Global entrepreneurs

Authored by Michael Goldberg, this book profiles 20 people who have supported entrepreneurship in communities from around the world that face challenges unheard of in Silicon Valley—challenges like economic hardship, political strife, corruption or a cultural aversion to risk-taking. Being one among the 20 speakers, Vikram Gupta, shares his perspectives about entrepreneurship in India.

Some excerpts from the book:

"I was particularly interested in two pieces of Vikram Gupta’s IvyCap Ventures involvement in the ecosystem. First, how deeply he’s involved with the incubator network the Indian government set up. IvyCap created a connection platform called IvyCamp ( that has about 60 incubation centers on it. He says the original incubation centers started at the top five engineering colleges— Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, and others. Seeing these successes, the Indian government set up and funded its own incubation centers through the department of science and technology, which is an investor in the IvyCap fund. Because of these government efforts, there now are a total of about 97 incubation centers in India, of which 60 are on the IvyCamp platform." Michael E. Goldberg 


"As an angel investor, you are not necessarily looking at how to scale a company and make it very large. Or they may have a technology background so that they don’t understand the commercial side; they may be too focused on technology and so they can’t manage capital side as well." Vikram Gupta 


"India has entrepreneurship in its soul. Now, the high-growth entrepreneurship sector in India is also taking off. The culture has changed. Parents are encouraging kids to do startups where they used to encourage them to go into safe government jobs or encourage them to apply to US universities for higher education. Fresh graduates now are actually starting up their own companies and not even going abroad for higher education." - Vikram Gupta 

Download the PDF of the book for free here and support the entrepreneurs of India.