From the Corner Office, April 2017

Thinking Small is the Big Idea

While thinking ‘Big’ is important in order to keep an eye on your future, big things usually happen because of aggregation of many small steps. Most entrepreneurs are caught in the questions of how much money is enough to raise in any Fund raising rounds.

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Founder Talk, April 2017

Sparkling twist to online luxury

"There is a gradual shift or willingness to try lightweight and trendy modern work wear jewellery, especially in larger cities and towns. This is the beginning of an important phase... says Gaurav Kushwaha, Founder & CEO,

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Spotlight, April 2017

Innovation can change the society for better

"It is very heartening to look at the increasing number of new age entrepreneurs who are trying to make an impact and change the society for the better through innovation. The focus and confidence... ", says Kapil Raizada, mentor with IvyCamp.

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Opinion April 2017

Asia Pacific Businesses Need to Rethink Workplace Culture to Boost Innovation

"The impact of digital transformation is making all of us rethink what we need from our workspaces as traditional offices are replaced with more open, technology-enabled environments", says Jeff Rodman, Polycom Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist.

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